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NIU, the Smart Button

Control your smartphone, Apps and connected devices with a single press on NIU!

The only limit to NIU?
Your imagination!

NIU is a Smart Button connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Real shortcut to your smartphone, it allows you to launch actions remotely on your smartphone with its 3 type of press to customize.

Control your smartphone with NIU

With a single press on NIU,
control your smart universe

NIU has its dedicated IFTTT Channel, allowing to control more than 350 connected devices and services by a simple click. Connect the apps and devices you love with “if this, then that” applets.

Single press, double press or long press

Download the free App NIU by NodOn
and customize your button’s actions

3 actions fully customizable to trigger actions on your smartphone and control your connected devices.

“Le petit bouton NodOn NIU s’enrichit de nouvelles fonctionnalités”

“NIU, le bouton connecté Français”

“Bouton connecté NIU : le touche à tout”

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